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Tea Time with Jesus®  
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Tea Time with Jesus®  
Tea is a beverage that is consumed world wide. It is the second largest beverage drank in  the world next to water.  It may be hard to believe but it the fastest growing beverage in the world.
To share the niceties of teatime and it’s calm soothing qualities.
To encourage you to take time out of your busy day and relax with the Lord. 
To afford you the opportunity to share this experience with old and new friends alike.
And of course, to show you how to make and   
enjoy a delicious cup of tea!
Be still and know that I am GOD. (Psalms 46:10)
Most of us live very busy lives with overwhelming schedules.  We often find ourselves yearning for a time when we can just stop and be still in the presence of the Lord.  Jesus took time to sit with, and minister to, His disciples; and He is always available to sit and minister to us – we just have to stop and open our hearts to this quiet time with Him.  Unfortunately the only way we will have this quiet time with the Lord is to claim this time and make it our time with Him.  My goal is to introduce you to a unique way to do this – through tea!
Whatever your thoughts and preconceptions, there is so much more to tea than just a tea bag. In the same way that there is so much more to having a relationship with Jesus.  There are so many ways to serve Him, to worship Him, and to be in His presence.  The Lord has all the right ingredients in the form of opportunities and all we have to do is open our hearts and be open to these opportunities.
It is my true desire that after experiencing “Tea Time with Jesus” you will seek out His presence daily.  In “Tea Time with Jesus” you will learn basic history, knowledge, and etiquette; as well as a budget friendly way to serve up a great cup of tea and enjoy it in the company of the Lord.
Intro to tea
        A brief history of tea:
From China to England to Here and Now understanding blends and their origins.
·        How to brew
·        What you need
Tea 101
Blends - Tea…There’s more than one???
Learn about and sample the various blends 
Message: Knowledge is the key to a perfect tea,
Jesus and you are the perfect recipe.
TTWJ ®  - Tea Time with Jesus®
        Intro to tea
        Tea 101
      How to host your own event
Spend a day enjoying each other’s company, learning about teas, and how to create the atmosphere and reach out to your friends to tell them about Jesus.
All Gatherings come with; 3 hot teas, 1 iced tea, 2 sample blends and hand outs. Michele will also bring her current stock of teas for purchase as well as some accouterments. If you are interested in hosting a TTWJ®,please complete the Contact Us page and she will promptly return your request with a call.
Food: Michele can develop a menu that fits your budget.  Call or email for more information.
My tea cups
They come in all
shapes and sizes
with hopes of being used to deliver  the warmth of tea and share hopes with a
friend or two...
Michele Perrera
Fundraiser Tea for Uganda
We came together in Berlin, MD with Melchizedekstreasure.com
to raise monies for the Ugandan orphans. It was a fun day and a blessing to the Melchizedek's Treasure Ministry.
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