Woodlawn Christian Fellowship/ His Heart Ministry 

Because he gave His heart for His people 

Our Story

80+ years of Serving God into the new era

The calling of the Church

A little history on our church…

We were able to go back to 1850 for the land deeds to the property which was originally a part of Baltimore City and the lands use was farm land.

In 1936 Broad Acres Land Corporation purchased the land and created lots and our neighborhood. We were the 1st building on this virgin land. The original land was inhabited by Native American Indians the Piscataway &  Susquehannocks

Our lots were originally purchased on August 8, 1944 by the founding pastor, a woman, Roberta Gerald and her husband Eugene. Pastor Roberta had a vision to share the love of God in this area.

The verbal history has been told that; Pastor Gerald had a vision and a heart establish a local church in our area.

The basement was completed first and service was held in the church hall. The pastor and her husband lived in the basement and raised monies to literally raise the church.

The church building was erected and the cornerstone indicated 1946. This set us on our journey of celebrating our church.

Through the years

The original name of the church was First Advent Church until 1977 when it became Woodlawn Gospel Chapel. When the church broke away from First Advent, the deed and ownership was released to Woodlawn Gospel Chapel.

Mr. Rutland Beard (Florist) had a relationship with our church. He gave a loan in 1952 for $1000.00 which was paid off.

This was a memorial to one of the treasured members of the church in the 1950’s. Today, we have the same heart for God’s people to share the Love of God to all. We continue to love and support Israel to this day. WCF (as we fondly named ourselves) continues to support home missions and missions abroad.

During the investigation of the history of our church we also found out that we supported moves of God along the way. The 1970’s birthed the Charismatic movement and we found out that our church supported St. Timothy’s, one of the “hot spots” of the Charismatic movement. We also were involved in the March for Jesus, Promise Keepers Men of God, Aglow, Full Gospel Business Men movement and the list goes on. Until this day, our humble church continues to be on the cutting edge in the movements of the Spirit of God. What a proud history.

During the Pastoral transition of Pastor Walter & Carol Lample to retirement, there was an interim group here, and the name was changed from Woodlawn Gospel Chapel to Woodlawn Christian Fellowship in the early 2000’s.