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Because he gave His heart for His people 


The Great Seal of Maryland

By Annette & Dr. Robert Stagmer

This is the prophetic meaning on the Great Seal of MD. Thank you for joining us today, celebrating our 10th year of Maryland Prays. God Bless you.

  • The reverse anointing
  • The double anointing
  • Only State with a scripture on the seal
  • Psalm 5:12 “ He surrounds me with favor as a shield”
  • Double message
  • Masculine & feminine
  • Soft words & strong deeds
  • Double sign of the cross- Crossland’s, the land of the cross.
  • Double sign of the Harvest
  • Silver & Gold
  • Double crowns
  • Maryland constitution Article 35 – It is the duty of every man to worship God….
  • Maryland Charter – because of his ZEAL for the Church
  • Maryland is the OLD LINE STATE – George Washington
  • Maryland has the anointing to “Reverse the curse”
  • MD St flag is the only flag that entirely uses symbols of the mother country England